Does she have a boyfriend? asks the doctor

A doctor drives by a small town. He stops at a gas station and notices there is no one there. A little kid passes by and tells him the gas station is closed because everyone is at the funeral of the owner’s daughter. Since he was out of gas, he decided to stay for the night and goes to the funeral.
When he gets there he goes in and looks at the open casket and notices that something is wrong.
He tells the father: Sir, I am a doctor and I can assure you she is not dead, she is in a catatonic sleep.

What do we do now? asks the father.

Does she have a boyfriend? asks the doctor.

Yes, replies the father.

Take her to a room and have the boyfriend have sex with her.

They do as the doctor said and sure enough, she wakes up. Everybody was happy and the doctors leaves once he fill up his gas tank.

A few months go by and the doctor returns to the same gas station. The same kid greets him again: Doctor, it’s so great to see you again. About a week ago Mr. John died. Half of the town has screwed him already but he is just not waking up.

Moral of the story:
Talk to a Doctor.. before … taking medication.

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