Man will be man – Series 11 07 17

​As usual its gods gift. Boy may deny about his secret desire in front of his family members, relatives, public gathering. But with friend he sure shares his desires. 

Nothing wrong in it. Dreaming of grabbing the female Brest is a desire which fulfills mans carnal escastacy. Its natural.

But doing it with consent of female counterpart is fine as far as it does not hurt her physically. But without females consent, this act is completely outrageous, against law and publishable. 

Story goes like this

“Once upon a time, lived a noble king. 

He had a son, which grew up and became a handsome prince. One day, the king decided to find a suitable bride for his boy. He ordered his subjects to prepare a magnificent feast and to invite princesses from all over the world.
More than 150 princesses attended the feast. The number was a bit overwhelming so a contest was held. After the contest ended, top three princesses were chosen. 
The three princesses were standing in front of the king’s throne and in front of each princess there was a chest full of gold. Then the king said: “Princesses, I give to each one of you a chest full of gold, do as you please with it. Please return to me after six months!”
After six months the princesses and the chests were again in front of the king. The king asked the first princess: “What did you do with your gold my child?”. The princess said: “Noble king, the gold you gave me, I used to buy lands and animals and to hire workers. After we sold the production, the gold tripled, so I am returning the chest that you gave me, along with two more chests full of gold!”.
Then the king asked the same question to the second princess. The princess said: “Noble king, I used this gold to travel all over the word. I attended magnificent feasts and learned about different cultures. I went to the far east and bought for myself beautiful garments, aromas and jewelry. There is a little gold left in the chest and I am returning it to you.” 
Then the king asked the same question to the third princess. The third princess answered: “Noble king, I could not allow myself to handle gold which does not belong to me! I am returning you the gold chest untouched.”
Then the king asked his son: “Well son, which princess do you choose to be your bride?”
The prince said: “Dad may I ask you something in private”, “Sure son” – answered the king. 
“Daddy, may I marry the one with the big tits?”

 Always remember

  1. Use condoms to have safe sex.

  2. Condoms helps fight sexual transmitted diseases. Safe sex instruments like condoms must be used. 

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